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Theres more Bios of each of Tattoo Artist, Guest Artist & Piercers on the Page itself..





Lake Charles, Louisiana very own Tattoo Artist DARIN OWENS

Hello my name is Darin Owens. I have been tattooing since 1995. I started in Tucson,AZ. And now have my own studio DSI Customs (with my business partner (Jacob Vines)since 2005 here downtown Lake Charles, LA. and the only pro only tattoo supply store from Houston,TX to Mobile, AL. (Diamond Cut Tattoo Supply). Over the years I have been blessed to have met some of the great Legends that have paved the road before me ( Tattoo Doug, Tattoo Ray, Lyle Tuttle, Philly Eddie, just to name a few). This industry is my life and blood. I am honored to be in such a great industry where we drive for improvement on every level. My style of tattooing is new skool,( full color, bold line, graffiti). I am a Member of the National Tattoo Association, Bristol Tattoo Club, Tattoo Studio Alliance, and the International Arts and Body Association. I went to the Arts Design Collage in Tucson,AZ. Where I received my B.A. In Graphic Design, I just got my certification in Psychology, and at the time working on opening a center for children to give them options in life instead of the wrong paths that I chose when I was younger. It is a great honor and privilege to be part of a Great Industry. I would not be here today if it wasn't for the best mom in the worl, she stand next to me in every choice I make in my life and never let me falter..thank you for your support and love.. Also thank you to all my clients that let me do what I love wouldn't make it without you all...



David G. Anible Sr. aKa DAVE THE TATOO GUY was born in 1974 and grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up in a large family alot of which were " bikers " David became fascinated by the tattoos and the biker lifesyle. As a young man he was very much into drawing , art , tattoos , and art culture.
 At the age of 21 he got his first opportunity to apprentice at a well known shop in Michigan by the name of "Wicked Ways" his apprenticeship continued for 3 years under the wing of Michelle Brown and Matt VerVeer learning the art of tattooing as well as, piercing . He continued to build on his skills , art work , confindence , and his clientle for a total of 8 years. All while working in construction and other types of work .
After parting ways with his first shop he did freelance work , local expos, and guest spots , all while improving on all areas of the field along with his loyal clientle. He continued that for 7 years.
In 2011 , David decided to put all his heart , soul , and talent into his career and started full time at " PAIN FOR SALE " in Grand Rapids ; where his career began to take off . David was honored to be working alongside artist like Edward Lee, Tony Urbanick , Freehand Robert, Jeff Grachop , and many other fantasic artists. He fine tunned his tattooing and became well known for his lettering and Neo-Traditional work all while remaining an all around solid tattooist.

In 2014 he met and married his beautiful wife Ashley and they decided to move back south to Texas City , TX where she and her family was from , as a bonus he knew it would broaden his career.

David learned about a shop  "American Dragon Tattoo " and decided to stop in and talk to the owner, he knew that he had now found his permenant home on Galveston Island Texas. Working here alongside TattooDoug, Tat2Ray aKa " Lil Ray "  and Piercer Hollywood Keith ; all which are prominent members in the industry, he felt the professionalism , talent , and comradery he had been seeking.

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