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Body Piercer : HK- 323

Piercer HK323, one of the best piercers in the LOS ANGELES CA. area. He started at 5150 Tattoo & Body Piercing in West Hollywood, Ca. at there Smoke Shoppe TOBACCOO ROAD. As he was working there I saw how many piercings the piercer was missing out on, so at that point he decided to learn how to PIERCE. Since he have been arround tattoo shops all his life he knew it would be a fun & entertaining ride with a lot of Unique & interesting people.
         He started his learning process with a former GAUNTLET Instructor Todd Levy at Galveston Island Technical Piercing School out of BODY LANGUAGE TATTOO in Galveston Texas, then he went to XTREME PIERCING SCHOOL in Pacoima, Ca. with instructor Michael Pebley. He also learned from Sin City Tattoo & Body Piercing Trigger aKa Trigz out of Pacoima. His old boss at 5150 Tattoo Tim W., and from Tattoo Doug, plus he still learn new things everyday from the many piercer he meets in my travels.
So when the time came for PIERCER HK323  to start piercing customers he started his career at the 5150 Tattoo West Hollywood he also filled in in the North Hollywood and Van Nuys location from time to time from 2001 to Summer 2003.  PIERCER HK323 opened his own shop in Hollywood, Ca. in 2003 called TATTOOHIGHLAND in which time he pierced & ran the tattoo & piercing studio for a few years until he sold it in late 2006 to open a new chapter in of his life.
       Before he moved to TEXAS to open another shop he worked for his friend STRANGER'S shop in HOLLYWOOD,CA. called SOUTHSTYLE TATTOO.  Then PIERCER HK323 moved to TEXAS in mid 2007 & while he was looking for a spot to open he was working at BODY LANUAGE TATTOO on GALVESTON ISLAND in 2007. Then right when he found a good location in  HOUSTON to open his next shop HURRICANE IKE HIT Texas in Sept. 2008.
       So PIERCER HK323 decide to come back to L.A. and he went back to work at 5150 at their Van Nuys shop from October 2008 to November 2010 until BABA offered him a  PIERCING job at the World Famous VINTAGE TATTOO ART PARLOR in Highland Park, Ca., PIERCER HK323 worked for Baba from Nov. 2010 to Nov. 2012 when he quit to get ready to move back to Texas. 
PIERCER HK323 also guest spotted in many studio across the U.S., like STARBORN TATTOO  Las Vegas, NV., THE CUSTOM TATTOO CO.  Havelock, NC. and BODY LANGUAGE TATTOO STUDIO Galveston, TX.  Plus many years of Piercing at Tattoo Expos like " Ink Slingers Ball "Hollywood" & The Body Art Expo "Different City's across the U.S." ".

Celebrity clients like "Los Amgeles Indie Band BLOODSIMPLE, NORTHNINETEEN, from BoDog Battle Of The Bnnds 2nd Place FREAK, TIGERARMY, R & B Performs THE R&B TWINS, SALIZ FRANCO and TEY PUNSALAN", "Band Members of - MINISTRY, P.O.D, GODSMACK, also PIERCER HK323 had the honor on being  a guest on MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES DICK BARRETT Los Angeles FM RADION SHOW The MIGHTY MIGHTY MORNING SHOW".  Worked on movies putting fak tattoos & piercings on actors, movies like "40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, BLADE TRINITY, WEDDING CRASHERS, AMERICAN PIE'S BAND CAMP and THE LONGEST YARD". 
PIERCER HK323 had the honor of being on the TONIGHT SHOW With Jay Leno & JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE multiple times, plus his internet radio appearance on DEATH SLUTS RADIO.

2007 5150 NightClub {Night Club & Tattoo & Piercing show}
2006/2007/2011 LA Pride { event held in West Hollywood, Ca.}

PIERCER HK323 also have many piercing Certificate :
Galveston Island Technical Piercing Course for piercing, sterilization & awareness
Xtreme Piercing Course for  piercing, sterilization & awareness
National Tattoo Assocication 25th Anniversary for Bloodborn Pathogens course & Infection Control
Since 2006-2012 I have taken 8 hours of courses from SKY RENFRO Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Center for Disease Control

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