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Tat2-Ray ------  (RETIRED FOR GOOD)


Old School Tattoo Artist Tat2-Ray from Los Angeles Ca. a student of TATTOO LEGEND TENNESSEE DAVE JAMES, worked all of the West Coast in his many years of tattooing. Just to name a few studios Ray work at in his 30 years off & on again tattoo career, studios at the World Famous LONG BEACH PIKE  in Long Beach Ca., studios at 5th & Main in Downtown Los Angeles, Las Vegas Nv. studios plus a few shops in CALIFORNINA Very own SAN FERNANDO VALLEY.    Until June 2014 Tat2-Ray wanted a change in his life & decided to move to TEXAS where he started working with use here at AMERICAN DRAGON TATTOO in GALVESTON ISLAND TEXAS.   Now in June of 2015 TAT2-RAY decided to retirer from TATTOOING for good making this his very last TATTOO STUDIO he would ever work at, thats right Tat2-Ray wants to quit hang up his tattoo machines to let the new generation of tattoo artist take his spot to pump out the newest & finest tattoos in the world.


So for those of you that got lucky enough to get tattooed by Ray in his 30 off & on years of tattooing Ray would like to thank you for choicing him to do your tattoos & he also wondered did they heal yet?


You can still EMAIL Tat2-Ray @ if you would like to thank the man or to just know what TATTOO EXPOS he will be appearaning at for some good old fashion fun...

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