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Tattoo Artist : TEXAS RAY

TEXAS RAY is one of AMERICAN DRAGON TATTOO'S Tattoo Artist! besides working here @ ADT he also works diferent Motorcycle rallies across the U.S.A & the WORLD, as well as guest artist at various tattoo shops throughout the U.S.A! I curently worked for AMERICAN DRAGON TATTOO on GALVESTON ISLAND, TEXAS on Seawall Blvd.. Ray has been Tattooing Over 15 Years, he been TATTOONG all across the USA in Maybank TX, Arlington TX, Big Spring TX, Dallas TX, Green KY, Bowling Green KY, And Ray also OWNER & OPERATOR a Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Tool,Tx. . . . Ray enjoy doing all kinds tattoos, Ray can do anything from black and grey to full color. Ray always looking for someone to Tattoo to put a Smile on someones face..................

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