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David G. Anible Sr. aKa #DAVETTAT2GADTAT2 was born in 1974 and grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up in a large family alot of which were " bikers " David became fascinated by the tattoos and the biker lifesyle. As a young man he was very much into drawing , art , tattoos , and art culture.
 At the age of 21 he got his first opportunity to apprentice at a well known shop in Michigan by the name of "Wicked Ways" his apprenticeship continued for 3 years under the wing of Michelle Brown and Matt VerVeer learning the art of tattooing as well as, piercing . He continued to build on his skills , art work , confindence , and his clientle for a total of 8 years. All while working in construction and other types of work .
After parting ways with his first shop he did freelance work , local expos, and guest spots , all while improving on all areas of the field along with his loyal clientle. He continued that for 7 years.
In 2011 , David decided to put all his heart , soul , and talent into his career and started full time at " PAIN FOR SALE " in Grand Rapids ; where his career began to take off . David was honored to be working alongside artist like Edward Lee, Tony Urbanick , Freehand Robert, Jeff Grachop , and many other fantasic artists. He fine tunned his tattooing and became well known for his lettering and Neo-Traditional work all while remaining an all around solid tattooist.

In 2014 he met and married his beautiful wife Ashley and they decided to move back south to Texas City , TX where she and her family was from , as a bonus he knew it would broaden his career.

David learned about a shop  "American Dragon Tattoo " and decided to stop in and talk to the owner, he knew that he had now found his permenant home on Galveston Island Texas. Working here alongside TattooDoug, Tat2Ray aKa " Lil Ray "  and Piercer Hollywood Keith ; all which are prominent members in the industry, he felt the professionalism , talent , and comradery he had been seeking.

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